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I have worked on many projects with BJSS, across a wide range of industries and technologies. This page provides a more detailed description of that experience.

Lead Test Manager, Betting and Gaming Company

03/22 – Now

Lead Test Manager for multiple projects of a Betting and Gaming Company.

Strategic leadership, building communities of practice, enabling testing success, recruitment, resourcing, and relationship management with senior client stakeholders.

Technologies used: C#, GoLang, TypeScript, Cypress, GitLab Pipelines, GoDog, Kafka, Selenium

Software Tester, Building Materials Comany

11/21 – 03/22

Software Tester for the Tools Platform project of a Building Materials Company.

Development, testing, and release of a new, global application. Refactoring existing components into a unified library to benefit future development.

Technologies used: C#, TypeScript, Azure Pipelines, Cypress, Enzyme, React, React Testing Library, Selenium, Specflow, Playwright

Consultant, Building Society

02/21 – 12/21

Consultant for the Test Enablement project of a Building Society.

Good practice consultancy, development of reporting and integration pipeline infrastructure, coaching incumbent team, test engineering, and testability architect.

Technologies used: C#, ASP.NET, Azure Pipelines, JMeter, Mule, RestSharp, Selenium

Software Tester, Financial Services Comparison Provider

09/20 – 02/21

Software Tester for the lift and shift of a financial services comparison provider’s MLOps capability.

Testing across the entire machine learning pipeline, from data exploration to model integration. Automation support and coaching for the current QA team.

Technologies used: Python (Anaconda), Apache Spark (PySpark), Azure Pipelines, Databricks, Databricks Connect, Pandas, Pytest, SQL Management Studio

Senior Software Tester, Non-Departmental Public Body

11/19 – 09/20

Senior Software Tester for the agile project delivery of a non-departmental public body.

Testing GDS frontend and REST API middleware, consultancy and training to incumbent QA team, and performance testing backend SaaS configuration.

Technologies used: TypeScript, Cucumber, Azure Pipelines, Enzyme, JAX-RS, Jest, JMeter, JSForce, React, Request, Selenium

Senior Software Tester, Government Agency

07/17 – 10/19

Senior Software Tester for the digital transformation programme of a large government agency.

Tech leadership, buddy mentoring, and path to live architect. Performance testing secure enterprise workflow platform with a hybrid microservices architecture, including third-party endpoints.

Technologies used: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Activiti, Cucumber, Enzyme, Gatling, JAX-RS, Jest, Jenkins, React, Rest Assured, Selenium, Spring

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