A software tester who believes that quality should be baked in, not sprinkled on, and an advocate of asking the right questions at the right time to manage risk, save money, and cut time to delivery.

Tester, BJSS (Bristol)

2017 – Now

BJSS is the UK’s leading privately held IT and business consultancy.

Testers at BJSS don’t just find bugs and raise defects, we ensure the continued delivery of predictable and robust software. We ask questions, promote testability, drive continuous improvement, and help nurture a mature testing culture across engagements.

I also help grow BJSS’s internal and external assurance capability, which includes squad leadership, recruitment, project coaching, and speaking at events.

Tester, Sparkol (Bristol)

2016 – 2017

Sparkol’s mission is to empower people to engage their audience. They make software that anyone, at any skill level, can use to create interesting and engaging presentations.

As the sole tester I was central to Sparkol’s testing strategy, mucking in from day one with anything we wanted to create and squashing bugs before they could appear.

An abbreviated list of my responsibilities includes: peer reviewing, pair programming, automation in testing, exploratory testing, test management of external crowd testing vendors, and organising bug bashes.

Tester then Test Lead, Hargreaves Lansdown (Bristol)

2013 – 2016

Hargreaves Lansdown is one of the UK’s biggest financial services companies and focuses on giving the best service, the best value, and the best information to investors.

Starting as a Tester, my hard work led to me being promoted to Test Lead after two years. From there I helped manage a team of around forty other testers, but mainly focused on a subteam of three that worked on mobile applications.

My time at Hargreaves Lansdown was extremely formative as I learned from, and contributed to, an award-winning IT team. I pushed to introduce Appium in testing and for increased unit/integration testing to be included in new projects, which led to a marked decrease in regression testing time and features making into customer’s hands faster.


I use whatever technology best solves the problem at hand, not a “golden hammer” or whatever’s “new and shiny”. My approach is based on reliable, tried and true software development principles and patterns.

That being said, I have implemented so-called “full stack” automation in testing using Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Java not to mention countless supporting libraries.


I am a garden-variety nerd. I enjoy comic books, video games, and wearing tropical shirts. My favorite testing blogs are Ministry of Testing and Senor Performo and my favorite testing books are How Google Tests Software and Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve your Tests, unless we’re talking fiction in which case I’m a big fan of the Discworld series (especially Thief of Time and Thud!).

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